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Landscape Consultations

Creative problem solving, Horticultural advice, plant identification and ideas are shared. This is for the person who needs to know what they own and how to care for it. The consultation centers on your curiosities and desires. An initial consult is one hour and the content is verbal. We can create sketches, plant lists or other documents as requested.

Landscape Design

Outdoor living provides nurturing, comfortable spaces in which to relax, play, cook and dine with your friends and family. Your property is treated as an extension of your interior living by creating outdoor spaces that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Plantings enhance the surroundings with year round interest. We start by understanding your desires, then develop several concepts that incorporate solutions. After discussing the pro’s and cons of each we will create a site development plan, planting and if needed, lighting and irrigation plans for the creation of living sanctuary.

Landscape Construction

Our team will fully install any landscape design. They take great pride in bringing visions to life. We begin with a review of the drawings and will coordinate any permits needed. Installations range from simple stones to complex patios with fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, water features, lighting, abors and walls. Outdoor lighting extends the enjoyment. We are happy to phase projects if desired.

Landscape Lighting

Our lighting designs and systems are subtle yet effective in enhancing your landscape, and aiding in your homes security and function. We believe landscape lighting should show off the architecture and the landscape and not the light itself. The shorter days in winter are lengthened when you look out the window and see your favorite tree illuminated. We use several brands of LED fixtures to achieve the desired effect.


Water management is a critical element to the long term success of any landscape. Automated watering systems and drip irrigation are ideal for ecologically-minded homeowners. Rain sensors and soil sensors aid in conserving water and build plant health but responding to actual environmental conditions.

Other Services

Rain gardens, cisterns and rain barrels for water harvesting assist with on-site water management. Water features attract wildlife. Container installations with seasonal color provide additional focal points. Art adds an element of interest. Furniture acquisition and entertainment staging enhance the use of your outdoor spaces. When it comes to outdoor living and gardening, we are here to help!

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