About Us

Nyce Gardens is a landscape design, construction and maintenance company blending the talents of a strong staff of dedicated landscape professionals.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured contractors.  We are also members of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, the Irrigation Association, Northwest Horticultural Society, Plant Amnesty and the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals.

Jay, Tina & Susan

Jay, Tina & Susan

Owner & Design Team

Jay, Tina and Susan share the office duties of business administration, sales, scheduling and design. Jay is a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He leads our lighting design, irrigation and is our business manager.

Tina graduated from Temple University with a focus in Landscape Design and Horticulture. She is a Certified Landscape Designer, horticulturist and visionary.

Susan is a graduate of the Edmonds Community College’s Horticultural Department in Landscape Design. Susan brings analytical skills, attention to detail, inquisitiveness, and a deep appreciation for nature.

Our designs blend the individuality of the owner with our experience, education and training.



Our Maintenance Team

Maintenance Matters! Our teams are trained in pruning, plant health, the building of soil, proper mowing techniques, pest & disease monitoring and are dedicated to the details. We are committed to the use of sound horticultural practices for sustainable, long term care and our employees understand that.


Our Construction Staff

Landscape construction is not an easy job. With the technical aspects of grades, soils, exposures, materials, irrigation and lighting our Project Manager must be certain everything is built to endure the outdoors. Rob Heim has been leading the construction at Nyce Gardens since 2011. He is a graduate of WSU Landscape Architecture program and has over 20 years in landscape construction.

Our construction philosophy is to ‘build it right’ therefore it is sustainable and safe. Nyce Gardens believes drawings direct a great project. We do not hide from permits as they are intended to bring construction integrity to the public and that is always our goal.

Staying Current is important to Nyce Gardens.

Rain Gardens: Nyce Gardens has been studying and installing rain gardens to retain water on site rather than sending it to the storm drains. Whether it be through false dry streams or lovely bog gardens we enjoy finding sustainable solutions.

Smart Irrigation: Nyce gardens irrigates with water saving systems. We use the newest technology in drip irrigation, smart broadcast sprays along with rain, solar and soil moisture sensors. One example was at Holy Cross Church where reclaimed storm water is collected and stored in a vault under the parking lot. This was a first for the city of Redmond, has performed flawlessly and by the client’s calculations saved them $1500 in water bills the first year.

Lighting: LED lights have finally come out in a wonderful warm tone. No longer do we have to have the harsh cold blue of yesterday’s LED’s to reap the energy savings these bring us. In a comparison, the same light fixture in halogen will operate 2000 hrs. The LED version will go 50,000 hrs. that is a savings of $432 in the cost of replacement bulbs alone, not to mention the savings in electric. Outdoor lighting is not only great for security but it extends our environment outside and brightens the long winter days.

Design: We regularly attend programs revealing the lastest trends in design, updates on sustainable practices, studies in ciruclation and the newest in plant material.

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