Landscape Design

Initial Meeting:

We begin with a site visit to understand the space and its surroundings. We discuss your desires in terms of function, look, style, color, problems, budget, maintenance, etc. and formulate a game plan to achieve your landscaping goals.

Horticultural advice, plant identification, creative problem solving and ideas are shared during your site visit. This is for the person who needs to know what they own and how to care for it. The consultation centers on your curiosities and desires. An initial consult is one hour and the content is verbal. We can create sketches, plant lists or other documents as requested.

This consult is $150 within our service area.

Site Analysis:

This is looking at your site for its strengths and weaknesses. We note things such as grade, drainage, exposure and existing resources. The area to be addressed is measured and entered into our landscape design software.

Conceptual Plan:

Concept plans show various ways to meet your goals of space use and other personal requirements. Some clients want elaborate outdoor cooking and dining areas, others prefer vegetable gardens and intricate plantings.

Site Development:

This scaled plan shows the final layout of the garden and the hardscape, or non-plant elements. The materials required are clearly labeled. We happily phase projects to meet the owner’s needs.

Planting Plan:

Plants are selected based on the site elements such as sun, shade, moisture, topography, etc. to create an interesting plant palette. Our designs complement the space and seasons of use with vibrant colors, variegated textures and proper sizing. The planting plan shows the location and name of each plant as it should be installed for proper maturing.

Final package:

A final package includes both the Site Development Plan and the Planting Plan. It can also contain lighting plans, irrigation design, furniture schedules and other individual requirements. We design for either the Do-It-Yourselfer or for professional installation.